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Sensory + Fidget Learning Tool


A quiet way for children to have movement + sensory while learning. Also makes a really great teether. 

"For children that are continually distracted, can’t sit in their chair, have stress and anxiety or can’t listen to the teacher, they may benefit from fidget toys to help their bodies’ self-regulate, stay calm and focus. Any type of movement activities they can do while still sitting in their chair is important for their learning development and gets the brain working.

Many people are surprised to find that more movement actually helps control the body and improves learning. The truth is, tactile learningsensory integration and movement helps the right and left sides of the brain work together. It connects both the creative side to the logical side, providing a balance to your child’s academic development. Instead of getting emotional or throwing a tantrum because your child can’t remember the assignment they were asked to complete, they are able to think logically, problem solve and determine what the teacher instructed during the day.

Children that physically can’t stay still in their seat often depend on fidget toys for controlling their emotions, which frees up their brain for critical thinking, reading concepts, communication, getting thoughts on paper and making their skill set automatic. When children lack attention and focus because they don’t have the movement they need, their body isn’t thinking about math, words on a page, or what the teacher is saying during circle time.

Fidget toys don’t have to be big and they should be quiet so they don’t distract other students. The great part about small fidget toys is that they are typically inexpensive and you can switch out toys each day so your child has something new and doesn’t get bored. You may need to alternate different items as they grow out of them or improve their sensory integration." - Integrated learning strategies. 

Intended for children 3 months + up. 

Freezer safe.

**Do not use without full supervision. Inspect before every use and discard if damaged. Do not tie around child's neck and never allow a child to use while sleeping. Does contain small parts. 

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