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What's is your turnaround time?

We try our best to get all our orders out in a timely manner. We shoot for shipping order out generally within 1-2 weeks. As this is a family run business, emergencies do arise and things may take a little longer.

Who makes your products?

My husband and I work hard to make and produce all our items. It has become a family business that we love so much. We make everything in our shop unless stated as a boutique item that we've carefully ordered in specifically to meet the needs of our customers.

Why purchase from you?

Supporting small and local shops means so much more than purchasing from a box store. You're helping a mom stay home with her children; you're helping purchase glasses for their kids; you're helping give dance lessons, and most of all you're helping support someone's dream.

Are your nylon headbands truly one-size-fits-all?

Yes, it really fits preemie babies all the way up to adults! Its extremely stretchy and soft, so it wont leave indents in babies' heads or give headaches.  


Any other questions about our business or products? Drop us a line at