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Cutest Customers

Holt Girls \\ Kinsey Holt Photography 
Tait // Strom Socks
Claire \\ Little Lulu Bow White weave
Penny \\ Little lulu Floral Polka dot
Keziah \\ Knotted Cranberry
Oatmeal Felt + Leather Little lulu Bow \\ Kinsey Holt Photography
Lucy // all the hearts teether + floral strap
Goldie // Photography by Kels
Collins \\ Teeny Tiny Bow Olive Stripe
Brooke \\ Knotted Pink Gold polka Dot
Keziah \\ Teeny Tiny Cream Felt
Claire \\ Round Brick Red
Kenzi \\ Little Lulu Champagne 
Tait  // Racoon Socks
Tied Bow \\ Kinsey Holt Photography 
Penny \\ Teeny tiny Orchid Felt
Kenzi \\ Mighty Bow Slate Grey
Claire \\ Little Lulu White weave
Lucy // sparkle knotted bow 
Ava \\ Oatmeal felt + leather \\ Kinsey Holt Photography
Collins // Little lulu Milk chocolate 
Kenzi \\ Little Lulu Floral
Claire \\ Mighty Olive Felt
Lucy // sparkle knotted bow
Keziah \\ Teeny Tiny Cream
Holt Girls \\ Kinsey Holt Photography
Penny \\ Versa Nude vegan
Keziah \\ Knotted Cranberry 

 Holt Girls \\ Floral + pink weave vegan leather \\ Kinsey Holt Photography

Lucy // Double Chunky Bow