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Come say Hi to the Murray's

We're so excited you're here! I'm Nysha, everyone calls me Nysh; pronounced like niche. Hence our name, The Baby Niche. We wanted to create products that are durable #becausekids but also stylish. High functioning + safe. 
As a mom to three kids, we wanted to create products that help life be easier, more beautiful + that last. Products that can be passed down from one sibling to the next. We love using materials sourced in Canada + using the highest quality. 
Thank you for supporting a mom who had a dream, that become a reality. A dream that has let me stay home with my kids while supporting our family. 
All our wooden teethers + toys have been made in our own shop, WHEATLAND WOODSHOP by my husband. This allows us to use only the highest quality of products + to control that there is no toxins used. We ensure each product is safe! 
Dave uses a CNC machine to cut out all our teethers, rings + toys.
Dave routes everything + sands them down till they're buttery soft. 
Every part of our business is apart of who we are.
Our family at the center of everything.
Our values of quality over quantity.