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Rattles of Hope // Support IVF

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Solid, ALL IN ONE piece rattles. Handcrafted in Alberta from Maple hardwood by Rattles of Hope! Each rattle goes towards supporting their IVF journey. We feel so honoured to help them, by hosting their product. Make sure to follow them on instagram! RATTLES OF HOPE. 

Each rattle is unique + may be slightly different than pictured. Rattles are great for baby's 3m+. Wood is treated with an organic coconut oil. 

Ryan is a self taught would turner that started to make wooden rattles as a gift for friends and family as they were expecting. Over the past several years they have not been able to start a family as planned. Through several unsuccessful natural pregnancies, they’re now turning to alternative methods in order to start their family. They cannot wait for the day when they’re able to keep one of the rattles they have made in their own home. Please know that your purchase of this rattle is helping to fund IVF treatments. Also, please give your baby an extra hug from those of us unable to start a family.


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