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Refill Beads // DIY Necklace kit

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Need to refill those kits? 

3 Sizes + 3 styles

MINI: 35 beads - 3 clasps - 3 strings

SMALL: 70 beads - 6 clasps - 6 strings

LARGE: 140 beads - 12 clasps - 12 strings

Pastels (soft jewel tones)

Rainbow (bright colors)

Earthy Tones (neutrals colors)

Beads are made from food grade silicone and can also be used for sensory needs. Silicone beads can be chewed, but are not recommended for heavy chewers. Wooden beads are made from Maple + have been treated with an organic wood balm. Cord fits children 6 - 12 years old. Includes breakaway clasps. Kits are designed for children 6 years and older. 

Please note that refill packs may slightly vary in bead colors + bead sizes.

Adult supervision is required during the crafting and wearing of the necklaces. The Baby Niche is not responsible for any liability or injuries, to be used at your own risk.

Wholesale unavailable. 

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