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Sabrina - the OVer mama

When I started this series I KNEW I wanted to interview Sabrina! We started our businesses around the same time + seeing hers grow so insanely has been amazing to watch. She shares her passion with her brand + now runs her own store, business + created a gorgeous mama focused market. 
Hi! Im Sabrina. Wife to my best friend, business partner and baby dada Michael. Mama to three amazing (read:crazy) kids. Violet is 5, Olive almost 3 and Jasper almost 2! Michael actually hired me at Starbucks 11 years ago and was my store manager! We didn’t end up starting to date until I had left Starbucks and started working for the bank. We have been married 8 years this year! We love traveling together but our evenings are mostly spent with Netflix & chill. You know, three kids and business make that a fave :) I run off of iced coffee and Diet Coke and honestly feel like I am living a dream life. It is not always easy. There are actually MANY days that are hard, but I love what a do and who I get to do it with!
1. Whats the one thing that surprised you the most about motherhod?
I think that surprised me most was that EVERYTHING about my life changed. My friendships/ alone time/ relationships with my husband and even my sleep + eating habits!

2. How do you make time for your marriage, with the busy-ness of being parents, owning your own company together? How do you separate your marriage and the business to connect?
Michael and I reconnect every night after the kids are in bed. We chat, watch our fave shows and we try to go on date nights every couple of weeks. Our kids are good sleepers (FINALLY) so as soon as they go to bed we bring in a babysitter to hang at our house so we can date each other! We also try to do little weekend getaways every few months which is only possible because of my amazing mom who will watch our kids+house all weekend long!
3. If you could give any new mompreneuer advice, what would it be?
There will be high highs, and low lows. Don’t give up- the dream works when you continue to pursue and work hard at it no matter what may come your way!
4. How has owning your own company empowered you + how are you teaching that to your girls?
Owning my own company has been amazing in the way its given me the confidence of decision making, learning to follow my heart and get out of my comfort zone. I am the biggest believer of what we are doing here and I have learned that nobody else will love your brand if you don’t love it first yourself. My kids see us working hard, playing hard and enjoying whatever life throws our way and I am proud of that.

5. How do you juggle motherhood, full time work + life?
Honestly, I don’t think there will ever be proper balance when running your own business. I wouldn’t be able to do it all without my husband Michael running beside me and my mom’s help at home. My mom watches our kids full-time, makes dinner through the week and does all of our laundry. Because I don’t have house stuff to worry about when I get home it means when we are home its family time and our kids look forward to our special time together. Taking the business out of the house helped a lot with the “balance” we have now.
6. Whats your proudest moment in your business? Proudest motherhood moment?
As a business, I am so proud that we are able to give back in the capacity that we do. We give back to NICU families across Canada and I couldn’t be more proud that we as a business have made that a priority. 
As a mama, I am proud that I am showing our kids that they have the ability to be anything, you just have to work hard to get there. My girls know they can be anything when they grow up, so right now they want to be mermaids when they get older. Ha!

7. Whats something you do that fills your bucket, that builds you back up before you can fill others buckets?
Our little getaways together help fill us back up and we try to do getaways after the busiest seasons or when we gear up for a new thing!

8. If you could max out a credit card at any store, where would you go?
Any home decor store. I am OBSESSED with interior design :)

9. When did you know your business was gonna grow fast?
I don’t think I ever knew how fast paced things would become with the OVer company! It just started and never stopped!
10. I LOVE that you give back to NICU's, having experienced that yourself, what would you say to a mama dealing with bedrest or a baby in the NICU?
To mama’s on bedrest, I always say if you are put on bedrest, LISTEN! Don’t do anything. It is WAY easier for you to be on bedrest than it is having your baby being in the NICU!
To mama’s on their journey through the NICU, you’ve got this. Everything you are facing now will only make you stronger.
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